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    Hey everyone, so I live down in Waxahachie and have spoken with the Mayor here about a pretty good spot for the event that is owned by the city, sure this would be a bit of a drive for some but I think Waxahachie would be a great new location as it would allow individuals from Waco to join in making for roughly an hour trip for Dallas, Fort Worth and Waco, I’d love to get some feedback on what you guys think and would like to get in touch with the mods/organizers here we could also change the name to coffee and cars at the Cross roads of Texas. Hmm as at the moment I have the mayor on my side and he’s willing to help me out as I get the ball rolling on this my next step is to reach out to the local coffee shops to get them on board I’d love to be able to host next month. Waxahachie is already home to a yearly event called C10s in the park which draws in people from across the country and we also have a burger joint here that does a weekly car meet with mainly vintage muscle so I’m sure I can get a small group right off the bat