• Odilia McNatt posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Cool memory technique is link method. The link method combined with storytelling method, is very useful when trying to memorize something in sequence. Example you are to remember the pictures of a dog, cat and mouse in the said sequence. Assign a number to each of the animals like one-dog, two-cat and three-mouse. Then try to link them by thinking of a story. You may say for example that the dog chased the cat who ate the mouse. The last technique we will discuss is the rhyme method where you try to create a rhyming phrase by using words connected to the subject you are memorizing. Although not most people find it easy to find rhyme on things it is still a very effective method.
    There are other memory techniques aside from the ones discussed in this article which are also very effective. Try which method works best in improving your memory capacity.