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    Apple debuted their next-generation iphone app review operating system, iOS 9, at June’s Worldwide Developers Conference. We’ll take a look at the upcoming OS, and share all of the improvements and changes Apple has made to their venerable mobile OS.

    Can My Device Run iOS 9?

    If you have a recent iOS device, made in the last few years, the answer is a resounding yes! The easiest way to figure out if your device can run iOS 9 is to answer one question: “Can it run iOS 8?” If the answer is yes, then you’re good to go. A a matter of fact, iOS 9 might run better on your older device than iOS 8 has, due to new optimizations in the operating system.

    iOS 9 will require less space on your device to install. Required space is down from 4.6GB for iOS 8 to only 1.3GB for iOS 9. That’s great news for users of smaller capacity devices.

    What New Features Does iOS 9 Bring?

    iOS 9 brings an improved Siri personal assistant to the your iOS device. Siri has an all new design, and can offer contextual reminders, and offers new ways to search your photos, contacts, apps, and web content.

    Proactive assistance will even suggest actions for a particular moment, occasionally before you even start typing! It will suggest apps or contacts based on your usage patterns, and will also notify you when it’s time to leave for an appointment, even taking into consideration such things as distance, and the current traffic conditions.

    iOS 9 will quietly learn about the kinds of music you listen to, noting the time of day, or even your location, it will then automatically display playback controls when you plug in headphones at the gym, or when you hop into the car.

    Apple has also worked on battery optimization for the iPhone, adding up to one hour of battery life under normal use. Plus, they’ve added a Low Power mode that will disable certain features, dim your screen, and more to squeeze up to 3 more hours out of your device’s battery when it dips below 20% reserve.

    Does iOS 9 Bring Any New Features Just For My iPad?

    If you’re an iPad owner, you’re going to love the new features of iOS 9, especially if you own an iPad Air 2.

    iOS 9 will offer a new Slide Over feature that allows users to make a simple swipe gesture and work in a second app without ever leaving the first app. At first, users will be able to only perform this with Apple’s built-in apps, such as Safari, Contacts, FaceTime, Reminders, Maps, and more, but developers will have access to the features via the iOS 9 API, so expect to see apps receive updates to add the feature.

    A new Split View feature will allow users to work in two apps side-by-side. Copy and paste information between the apps, or different documents in the same app. (Split View multitasking is an iPad-only feature.)

    The new Picture-in-Picture feature will allow users to view video, or continue a FaceTime call while using another app.

    These new multitasking features are supported by default iOS 9 apps, and developers can include the ability in their own apps via Apple’s APIs.

    Improved Apps in iOS 9

    An improved Maps app adds transit directions to the navigation options. It will offer a combination of navigation directions for trains, buses, subways, and walking to direct you to your location via transit services in your area. The updated app also offers a “Nearby” feature that will let users know what restaurants, coffee shops, shopping, or other attractions are nearby. It will even let you know if the merchant accepts Apple Pay.

    The new Notes app includes drawing sketches with your finger, creating to-do checklists, and the ability to snap a photo and include it in the note. All notes are kept in sync across your Mac and all of your iOS devices via iCloud.

    Last, but not least, a new News app replaces the Newsstand app, offering a single place to visit to read your favorite news site. News can learn your interests and suggest new content relevant to your interests.

    When Will iOS 9 be Released?

    Currently, the iOS 9 beta software and SDK are available only for iOS Developer Program members. A public beta program will be made available sometime in July at The public release of iOS 9 will be available this fall as a free software update for all iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices that are capable of running iOS 8.