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    Blackjack, the skill BLACKJACK strategy on the other hand, is a game. If you become a blackjack expert, you can significantly reduce the house edge. In the case of highly skilled right platinumplay casino card counters can even get a positive expectation.
    Card counting is you count how many millions tens, jacks, queens and kings have used the process deck. By calculating the ratio of high cards and low cards left in the deck between a card counters know when it is time to bet or leave. The house edge is significantly reduced.
    This is one of learning to split the first things a blackjack player should learn. Know when to double down is another key strategy. Play perfect 21:00 may not hit the house edge, but good blackjack strategy reduces the house edge by two percentage points.
    Dealers in eight or ten hands alsoshuffle. This eliminates most of the advantages of the card counting.
    Casino gambling is a business. The business success is not only because a house edge.
    So the players probably will not find the edge of a gambler in a casino game, regardless of which system to try.