World’s Fastest Production Car: The SSC Ultimate Aero TT

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    Ultimate Aero Specifications
    Engine Type: Block and Heads (V-8)
    Displacement: 387.2
    Bore x Stroke: 4.125 x 3.620″
    Compression Ratio: 8.975:1
    Horsepower: 1183 bhp @ 6950 rpm
    Torque: 1094 lb./ft. @ 6150 rpm
    Redline: 7200 rpm
    Fuel Injection: Electronic Sequential Port
    Weight: 422 lbs.
    Oil: SAE 5W/30 Fully Synthetic Racing
    Induction System: Sequential, multi-port fuel injection, Twin Turbo Chargers. Dual-Water to Air Intercoolers.
    Fuel: Premium Unleaded – 91 Pump Octane

    SSC Ultimate Aero Engine
    Basic Warranty: 1 Year / Unlimited Miles
    Powertrain: 1 Year / Unlimited Miles
    Rust-Through: N/A
    Chassis & Body
    Layout: Mid-Engine/Rear Drive
    Body/Frame: Carbon Fiber/Composite/Steel
    Space Frame
    Brakes: Front: 14.0″ Vented Slotted Discs/8-Piston Caliper.
    Rear: 14.0″ Vented Slotted Discs/6-Piston Caliper.
    Wheels: Forged 3-Piece Alloy 19×9-1/2″ Front, 20×13″ Rear
    Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport PS2
    Front: 235 35 (YR)19.
    Rear: 335 30 (YR)20.

    SSC Ultimate Aero Body
    Steering: Rack and Pinion, Assisted
    Turns, Lock to Lock: 2.5
    Turning Circle: 41.6 ft.
    Suspension: Front: Unequal Length Upper and Lower A-Arms, Coil Over Springs, Remote Reservoir-Adjustable Penske Coil-Over Shocks, Cab Controlled Air Lift, Anti-Roll Bar.
    Rear: Unequal Lengths Upper Rocker and Lower A-Arm, Adjustable Coil-Over Springs, Remote Reservoir-Adjustable Penske Coil-Over Shock, Anti-Roll Bar.
    The Ultimate Aero Dynamics
    Coefficient of Drag (Cd): 0.357
    Frontal Area: 19.0 sq. ft.
    Belly Pan: Complete flat belly pan with rear Venturi tunnels.
    General Data
    Dry Weight: 2,750 lbs.
    Weight to Horsepower
    Ratio (lbs/hp): 2.33 – New Production Record!
    Weight Distribution F/R: Front: 42%
    Rear: 58%
    Wheel Base: 105.2″
    Length: 176.2″
    Width: 82.7″
    Height: 43.0″
    Ground Clearance: 4.0″
    Trunk Space: 2.6 cu. ft.

    Ultimate Aero In The Wind Tunnel At Langley
    Seating Capacity: 2 Custom Recaro Seats
    Headroom: 38.5″
    Seat Width: 2 x 19″
    Leg Room: 47.0″
    Seat Back Adjustment: 25ยบ
    Seat Travel: 6.0″

    Ultimate Aero Interior
    Drive Train
    Gear Ratio RPM MPH
    1st 3.00:1 7200 58.517
    2nd 2.15:1 7200 81.651
    3rd 1.5:1 7200 117.033
    4th 1.1304:1 7200 155.294
    5th 0.8667:1 7200 202.557
    6th 0.6452:1 7200 272.102
    Final Drive Ratio: 3.4444:1
    Engine RPM @ 60 Top Gear: 1550
    Gauges: 260-mph Speedometer, 8000-rpm Tachometer, Sequential Shift Lights, Horsepower Gauge, Oil Pressure, Water Temperature, Fuel Level, Volt
    Audio/Video: Navigation System, 10-Speaker Premium Audio/CD/DVD System, 7.5″ Video/DVD Screen, Automatic Back-Up Camera

    SSC Instrumentation
    Standard Equipment
    Includes: Air Conditioning, Power Windows, Power Mirrors, Tilt-Steering, Cab-Controlled Front Air Lift
    Record-Breaking Times
    0-60 mph: 2.78 seconds
    1/4 Mile: 9.90 seconds at 144 mph
    Top Speed: 257.41 MPH / Official Average: 256.15 MPH
    Skidpad: 1.05 g
    0-100mph-0: 11.66
    60mph-0 (braking): 103 feet


    I don’t know this car but now I love it ๐Ÿ™‚


    I’m at class right now, and youtube is blocked, but those specs wowww…

    I will check this out when I get home.


    apart from the fact that it is fast and the engine makes over 1000hp, i real dont like the car for the following reasons:

    1) using the word SHELBY in the name and you have no connection to Ol’ Carroll, booooo

    B) it looks butt ugly for what you pay for it (I’d rather pay for a Porsche Carrera GT and know that it is “slower” than the SSC but at least I’d know the car looks good, and

    4) could they have had a less exciting and lame guy give a report on the car? I didn’t get the feeling that he truly knew what the hell he was talking about when he was “getting excited” reading off the specs (thin tires?!?! they are low profile business week guy). I’d rather hear the guy from Motor Week on PBS read it off in his “movie-fone” voice. At least he is mildly amusing.

    sorry SSC, I’ll stick to Citroens, MINI and Speedsters.


    didn’t they have this car fall apart on top gear or was that another one? i’ve lost track


    i don’t think they have had the ssc on top gear. I know the stig went flying off the track in the koenigsegg and the caparo caught on fire or somthing but not this ugly thing.


    The straight-line specs are impressive, but 1.05G on the skidpad isn’t all that staggering for a wannabe supercar. But exactly what makes this a “production” car?


    what i love about this car is the design mainly lol…
    the design makes it look great,

    anyone seconds my opinion? llol

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