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    Windows operating system is flexible, powerful, reliable and powerful. But still its working as a user interface may become disgusting and frustrating. The most common example of this is evident in the case when you install some new hardware drivers, new programs, software and application and many a times system hangs or crashes. The only option you are left with to reboot your operating system forcefully. This might even lead to a strange looking or classical windows desktop called Safe mode. Sometimes safe mode is required and you might wonder windows Technical support number.
    Safe mode is a special (diagnostic) mode of an operating system; sometimes called the mode of operation of application software. Using safe mode you can fix most of basic problems like removing unwanted software installed in operating system. It’s is common to encounter errors in case you are updating your BIOS or downloading and installing new hardware drivers. You can fix these errors with a tool called safe mode which includes only basic drivers that only boot your operating system without any problem in software and user interface. But the thing is windows 8 Customer technical Support Number..

    Below are the steps that you need to follow when you wonder about where’s safe mode when you need it?

    Method one of two:
    Turn on your computer or reboot (restart) in case the operating system is running. Then wait for your computer to inspect the hardware and prepare to load the windows. Now press and hold the F8 key until the window logo appears (in case the windows logo appears you need to again restart your operating system and try again. Then advance boot option appears on the screen, make use of arrow keys to select Safe Mode and press return and to use internet in safe mode select safe mode with networking. Windows will automatically boot itself to Safe Mode and the loaded desktop will appear with Safe Mode written in four corners which is a proof that your operating system is in safe mode. This safe mode is not permanent but automatically vanishes when your reboot (restart) your computer normally.
    Method two of two (for windows 8): no need to wonder where’s safe mode when you need it in windows 8. Here are the quick steps.
    Open troubleshooting screen by using shift (key) and restart key on login screen. Now you need to choose Windows startup setting option and hit restart button, you will be automatically rebooted into safe mode.
    How to install and upgrade windows
    With the advance in the technology, on regular basis, the Microsoft is also upgrading the old versions of windows in to the latest one for the betterment of the work and ease of their certified windows consumers. And for this, windows have now launched numerous online as well as offline methods for Windows technical support phone number . The installation process of Windows is the offline method, especially for those users who hesitate to pay for things during the online purchases.
    In this windows tech support number process, the user will have to buy the original and authentic version of windows from any authorized showroom or shop. The kit will consist of the compact disc preloaded with the windows latest version, along with the product key and a user manual or a guide to describe the step by step installation procedure to the user. The user will just have to start the desktop or the laptop and immediately insert the compact disc to start the installation procedure. And then the user will just have to follow the steps described in the kit or the manual.
    Talking about the upgradation methods, it is very easy and widely accepted windows customer support number option. The user just has to click on the upgradation notification that pops up on the right hand side bottom of the screen, next to the digital clock. This will redirect you to the official Microsoft website, where the user can purchase the whole version or the product keys for the specific versions. And thus, the windows will be upgraded with the latest version. And if still the user faces any kind of option, then he or she is totally free to call on the windows tech support number or the customer care help line number to further solve the queries he faces.

    The customer help line number for windows tech customer care is totally free of cost and functions round the clock, 365 days, to ensure that the user does not face any difficulty or hindrance, while working on his or her system. However, some of the major problems can be resolved with the help of the remote accessing, where the customer care representative will connect his desktop with the users and thus will perform few actions to solve the problem. The staff of Microsoft customer helps line numbers are steady, soft spoken and always ready to solve the issues that the user faces.

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