What are the events like?

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    I guess this is pretty general. 😆

    Not too many of these Cars and Coffee events in Texas, I never understood why – we have ALL the land you could imagine and some great roads, and I’ve seen more GREAT exotics and classics on the road than any other place I’ve lived.

    I’ve never been to one of the cars and coffee events however Classic BMW in Plano, TX is finally holding one on May 30! I think it’s a GREAT location for an event like this, the lot is amazing (not to mention the dealership itself..its unreal) — How do they block out the criteria though? Are the cars grouped? Kinda just park with each other, or is it mixed up? How do they decipher and ‘turn away’ like a regular Lexus IS or BMW 3 series or something to the nature.

    Can someone get back with me and let me know how this works?
    Thanks a ton!

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