What a Great gather you guys have..thanks

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    I have to say I had a very nice time at your weekly gathering this last Saturday. I drove down from Fresno and didn’t expect too see many cars given that it was a 3day weekend, but I was wrong. Some very interesting cars to oogle.

    I must give a special Thanks to the Lotus Elise/Exige guys, as they spent quite some time answering all my prospective owner questions, and even let me try one on for size. Yes, I quite think learning to get in will be worth the joy of ownership, I started buttering up the wife the minute I got back to the Hotel..lol I feel bad I didn’t get your names..but you know who you are..and I thank you so much.

    Anyway…everyone was very nice, obviously loved their cars and surprisingly experienced no attitude from anyone I met. Hell even the overworked Coffee girls were nice. I am also proud to report I kept my S2k off the cam and did no burnouts whilst leaving..:) If only the Central Valley could support such a nice weekly gathering.

    I hope to be back soon…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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