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    Wow this website is pretty dead now 🙁

    No new pictures posted since August of last year and no new posts in a while 🙁


    Well…. I’ll start it off!

    Need to get more picky about what comes in – Mom’s Ford FOCUS, etc belong in the spectator parking.
    There were too many great cars that couldn’t get in because spots were taken up by ordinary vehicles.

    Another thing.. WASH YOUR CAR/TRUCK!!!!
    There were a couple of Ford pickups in the Corvette area that needed a bath! Heck.. There was a Ferrari with the entire grill splatered with bugs.
    I saw a guy with a newer Challenger for sale, and it was filthy. It doesn’t take much to wash your vehicle before bringing it to C & C. The only vehicles that would look OK dirty would be the Off-Road Jeeps. A dirty Jeep is a Happy Jeep!


    You’ll always have some folk come in that would be better off parking in the spectator area. And you’ll always have cars that are slightly dirty, it doesn’t take away from a good looking Exotic or Musclecar though!

    I won’t even think of putting my car in the show area until it’s cleaned up and modded the way I want it to be. As far as this website being dead: Perhaps there is a lot of lurking going on. At any rate, I am posting my Cars & Coffee videos in the video section here for your enjoyment. I hope I can make it June 7th, and the weather is going to be just as nice!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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