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    Warning about Wheels America (3939 Platinum Way, Dallas 75327)

    Took in my wheel to repair a small crack on the inner side. They said they would repair the crack and not refinish the would because they were afraid that they wouldn’t be to match the color & finish of my wheel. Dropped the wheel off monday morning. Still not done by wednesday. I kept asking whats taking so long. The lady said the production guy is refinishing the face (when that wasn’t the part of the plan). So i asked the guy why, he said your wheel caught on fire when we tried to fix it. He said “believe me I’m more mad than you are right now”. Are you serious, you guys screwed up my wheel because of your workers incompetence and your going to tell me your more mad because its going to cost you more money? Thursday comes, they said putting on the last coat, should be done in the evening if not friday. Friday comes and not they tell me my wheel hasn’t been welding. YOUR STORY ISN’T ADDING UP NOW… giving to some long winded excuse that sounds like some complete BS. How I said “this is F&*(%$G ridiculous” gentleman says “thanks for your language, thats not going to get you anywhere”. Are you guys serious?!?!?! I’ve been patient and polite to you guys from Monday through to friday and I still don’t have my wheel back. Not sure if you guys are just incompetent or trying to cover something up.


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