Texas 7 Digit Personalized License Plate – 2FAST4U

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    Bob McKelvie

    If you haven’t heard, Texas is not issuing 7 digit vanity plates so the options are more open than ever to create cool license plates. During the kickoff of this offering, an auction was held in January 2011 on the floor of the new Jerry’s World Dallas Cowboy Stadium. At this inaugural event, 33 plates were auctioned off and some special privledges came with the purchase. My car was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the cars on the field on display.

    The winner of the plate auction was granted 25 full years of ownership of the plate with no additional fees for the personalized plate. Along with that ownership came full transferrability rights……………and that is where this is leading. I bought 2 plates of the 33 at that auction and only need one of them so I’m putting ” 2FAST4U ” up for sale. If you purchase the plate from me, you get the remainder of the 25 years and you also get the transferrability/saleability rights.

    Once you own the rights to the plate you can choose one of many backgrounds including the Diamond Plate that I had this one made on. There is a small charge to change the background and you get new tags. The tags are also valid for motorcycles as well.

    Now, down to business. I paid $2,500 for this plate and am open to offers as I just don’t need the thing. The purchaser and I will go to the DMV where we fill out a simple form and once you are satisfied of the process, then you pay me for the plate and it is in your name. You also receive the giant package of goodies that came with the plate including a desk pen set with the 2FAST4U engraved in it.

    I am usually at the C&C events, but it is easiest to call or e-mail me.
    Randy – 214.686.0044
    If you have any questions or concerns, I can also put you in touch with one of the main guys at MyPlates and they can help as well.


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