Roebling Road Raceway (Savannah, GA) Nov 6-7, 2010

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    If it appeals to you to really learn to drive your car to your fullest potential and not let it sit in a garage to be admired… this is for you…

    Howdy… Yep it’s true we, Dark Side Driving Events, are back at Roebling Road in November. (We’ve been doing DEs at RRR since 2001.) We offer a full weekend of driver ed — teaching you how to control your car, be more aware and just have a good time driving a track within your car’s (and yours) ability.

    We kick it off on Friday. For those who have proven solo track time – the track offers a lapping day. Tech opens at the track around 3-ish. Then we all head to the host hotel for wine, beer, pizza, etc. and more tech!

    Saturday morning we address the troops and let everyone know where they are expected to be. That night, we return to the host hotel where a BBQ will be setting up (shower first?) hot dogs, hamburger, more beer, more wine, etc. all part of the weekend.

    Sunday, back on the track to hone what you learned the day before.

    For those of you that have not turned to the Dark Side – we offer you a social weekend as you learn what we all know – how much fun a weekend at the track can be. If you are new to the sport, do not worry, you will be given an instructor who will be with you for the entire weekend – getting you over whatever fears, questions, bad driving habits you have.

    So please, consider turning to the Dark Side. Registration is open at –>the club is Dark Side Driving Events

    See you at the track……(we hope.)


    P.S. If you have questions feel free to check out our website or call/email me

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