Road trip after the show, Wow!!

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    Last week after Cars and Coffee two lonely Porsches drove out to Mammoth Lakes to join up with the rest of the club for the weekend. What a drive! From the 95 to the 266 was no big thing. Once we turned off toward the 168, man o man, the road twisted like hot caramel. The site beyond the road was breath taking, the blue skies broken by the cotton candy white clouds transforming into darker storms, the brown hills zigzagging with the pavement was tantalizing. These roads are what these Porsches were born to cut through.

    Then we came upon the picturesque and scenic 395. One can’t believe we have these roads here in America! This was our second time traveling within these awesome hills, creeks and lakes.

    The next day we headed to Yosemite National Park. The pavement through the park was newly laid and felt as smooth as glass! Twisting and turning among nature’s best was unreal.

    We need to do more of this. We have some of the best rides to be had and it is sad to see them just sitting in garages. We have logged about K miles in our Porsche since we bought it last April. The guy we bought it from only drove 2500 miles in two years.

    We want to do more of these runs after the show. Would you guys be interested in joining us for a ride? It doesn’t always have to be for the weekend. We can go for a day drive.:happy:

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