Recover Google Account Via Using An Android Device

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    Get Back Your Google Account Via Using An Android Device

    Google accounts are basically the best email clients that you can ever create in order to access both Android & Non-android services. However, when you are specifically using an Android device then linking it with a Google account is a must. With this, you’ll be able to download all the Android applications in your device, play games & games among other things.

    The best part of being a Google account holder is that you can get its access with just a single password. Nevertheless, if you forget its password or lost it to some hacker then it is pretty obvious that you won’t be able to use your account and then services it lets you enjoy. So what now? How to get rid of such a situation? Well, worry not as this article will help you to recover your account with simple steps.

    Steps To Google account recovery for android

    Follow the steps mentioned below to recover password of your Google account in your Android device.

    · Switch to your mobile web browser and then navigate to the account recovery page of Google

    · Next, enter the username or email address of your Google account and then tap on the Continue button

    · Now, you can enter the last password of your account that you might remember. If yes, then enter it into the relevant field and then continue with the onscreen process for4 password recovery

    · On the contrary, tap on the “I Don’t Remember My password” link and then use the “Try Another Way” link until you reach to the email or phone number recovery option

    · By using the phone number or email address you’ll will receive the 6-digit code with which you can reset your password

    · Next, simply you’ll need to submit a new password twice in the relevant fields and then save the changes

    Therefore, you’ll be able to do your Google account recovery for Android as quickly as possible. However, if you cannot, contact the technical support professionals for further recovery assistance.

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