recommend some good driving gloves?

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    hey there guys. I’m new to the thread but I’ve visited a few C&Cs. for some time now I’ve really been wanting to find a nice pair of driving gloves. I had some ok ones some years back but those were more of ‘serial-killer gloves’ and lost them some time back.

    so with my birthday coming up, I’ve been really eyeballing Lowly Gentlemen’s driving gloves (for those of you not familiar ) and considering biting the bullet and getting these. then it occurred to me… maybe the chaps of C&C might know somewhere locally that sells something of similar style/quality, maybe even for a bit cheaper too. so I’m hoping someone on here might be able to help a fellow car lover out and might have the info I’m seeking

    a Car enthusiast without a proper set of driving gloves just doesn’t feel right and personally, I love a good set that’s light, thin and hugs the hands like a second skin

    so then chaps? anyone know where I might be able to look locally and get my fix?

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