Race central update #2-time change

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    Forms are in and i have had some discussion with the organizers that require us to make a time change. Their move in time for the event is 7:30-9:00-after 9:00 parking will probably be a problem. They are requesting that we be there by 8:00 to 8:15 at the latest to get parking close to the front of Daveco where all the activity will be. They would also like to feature us as group by parking us together.

    Keeping the above in mind i decided to actually drive from Southlands to the Daveco parking lot to see how long it took-its about 35-40 minutes at speed limit using I-470. Its an easy drive and easy to find. Essentially if you use I-470 you take it to I-25, go north about a 1/4 of a mile an take exit 47 (229) turn rt. on hwy 7, go to north washington (about 1/8 of a mile) turn rt, turn left into the lakeridge shopping center and look for Home Depot and Daveco is right next to it. For those of you live close to I-25 just go north and follow the above directions. consequently, those of you who would like to caravan up we need to leave Southlands at 7:30. I plan to be there at Southlands by 7:15 and leave promptly at 7:30.


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