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    Sealing can be done with any quality wax or sealant on the market. This is a straight forward procedure and different manufacturers have different application/removal instructions, so I won’t go into detail here. Sealants usually last longer than carnauba waxes due to their chemical makeup, but the carnauba waxes are known to bring out the color better and make it look deeper, usually on dark-colored cars. This of course is very subjective, so any quality sealant or wax will do a great job. I usually do 2-3 layers of a sealant (Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze) within a month after the complete detail, then top that off every 4-6 weeks with a carnauba wax. Again, subjective topic so do what you like, but definitely use quality products:

    1. Apply product (most sealants and waxes require very little product.. “less is more” when it comes to this)
    2. Let product dry.
    3. Wipe off residue with microfiber towels
    4. Enjoy the finish!

    As with everything else, whether washing, drying, applying wax, cleaning off residue, always make as little contact with the paint as possible, and always make that contact as light as possible.


    Maintenance isn’t really a part of a complete detail per say, since there’s nothing to do after sealing of the paint is done. Maintenance refers to proper washing, drying and waxing techniques to use after the paint is corrected and you have a great base to begin maintenance work.

    1. Washing should be done every 4-15 days, depending on driving patterns, how dirty car gets, etc. etc. I always recommend weekly washes for any car that’s not a “garage queen” or show car, and even more often if car gets dirty within a few days.

    2. Sealant and/or wax should be applied every 4-8 weeks to ensure the paint finish is protected from the elements as much as possible (sealant or wax tend to make harder for water spots to occur, for bird sh*t to do damage to the paint, etc. etc.)

    3. Claying should be done on an “as needed basis” but I always recommend it be done at least 2-3 times a year.

    4. A complete detail, including all steps above (claying, polishing, etc.) should be done at least twice a year, to ensure you get rid of any light swirl marks the appeared, instead of waiting a couple years again and having to do a more aggressive polishing.

    5. Lastly, quick detailers are great to remove dust every day or two that might accumulate on the paint, even if it just sits in the garage, but I always wait until the weekly wash as I don’t want to risk swirling the paint doing anything else.

    Some important stuff:
    Main thing to remember… TOUCH THE PAINT AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE!
    Use microfiber towels on all painted surfaces.

    This is basically a complete process for a paint correction detail.
    I do not do much complete interior work, so I’ll post up a small process and product suggestions later.
    I will also most likely expand and/or edit a few things within a few sections above as I see fit, so I’ll note all changes with a new post and also in the original post, probably in different color font.

    Hope this is helpful and feel free to PM me with any questions whatsoever.


    Thanks for these!

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