Photographing a Model in the Vegas Desert

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    Hello Everyone
    My name is Chris and I an a photographer

    Im looking to shoot in the desert with a model

    We are looking for sand sunes

    I notice that there are the Nellis dunes, which are close by
    How close can I get to the dunes in an non offroad vehicle?
    How far of a walk would it be from there?

    We are looking to shoot in Saris..which is a traditonal Indian outfit
    We are also looking to shoot other attire and may be looking for a cool 4X4

    This is an example of my shoot style with cars
    The model with the Porsche is the one Im shooting in Vegas
    Im possibly looking to do the desert Fri and Sat
    I only need dunes for one of those days

    This is a test shoot
    Meaning: anyone wanting cool shots of thier 4X4 would get that in exchange

    Hit me up ASAP
    Feel free to send photos of your 4X4



    Here’s a link that should be centered on the Dunes:

    I’ve only ridden my dirt bike there, but there are some back roads on the map. But none of them take you right to the dunes. I think you’ll have to at least drive some dirt/gravel road with a short hike.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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