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    Just got this e-mail and decided that I would send it along…

    Good Morning Dealers,

    I received the following email. Please call or email Kevin if you can help. Thanks!

    I’m not sure if you can help me but I’m reaching out to anyone that I can
    find in the community. We need some help. I’ve gone through Craig’s List,
    local car clubs and I’m working on any other alternative that I can now.

    We’re looking for cars to use in an independent film that’s shooting in
    Dallas beginning Saturday.

    We need cars that date from the mid 60’s (a few early 60’s ok too) thru
    72-73. We need at least a dozen vehicles. Some will be moving shots and some
    will be still shots….parked or in the driveway of the shooting location.
    Some can be muscle cars but not too hopped up. We need cars and drivers, if
    possible, from 8am through 9pm this coming Saturday and possibly 12pm to 6pm
    Sunday. If anyone is willing to commit they’ve got to show up because we’ll
    be counting on them….and the shot has to happen.

    We need 3 cars that could be considered family sedans, stations wagons, 4
    doors….middle class cars. These cars will be parked in a driveway the
    whole time. One of them will be driven from the end of the driveway to a
    parked position and that’s all…..never on the road. The other two will be
    stationary the whole time. We’d need these 3 cars per the schedule
    below…..but they can be left overnight if the owner is OK with that. This
    is a secure neighborhood off Forest Lane to the east of I75. If left, they
    can be picked up after the shoot the following morning. Again, commitment
    and showing up are key to production.

    2 of the cars 3 must commit to 4 days
    Sat 12/11 8A – 9P
    Sun 12/12 12P – 6P
    Mon 12/20 8A – 2P
    Tues 12/21 7A – 11A

    1 of the cars 3 must commit to 2 days
    Sat 12/11 8A – 9P
    Sun 12/12 12P – 6P

    Please send a brief description of their vehicles along with pictures of it
    (and themselves if they’d like). Please include their contact
    information…..email and cell phone preferably. For everyone that
    volunteers they will probably be in the movie, if it’s a moving shot that
    their car is used in. We can offer $50/day. We have insurance and can
    provide a certificate. We will give them a SPECIAL THANKS in the credits and
    they can hang with us on set. We need to know if the vehicles run so that we
    can plan to tow if need be.

    This is an urgent request. Anything that you can do to help would be
    appreciated. Please let me know whether you’ve got any ideas or people that
    are willing to participate.


    Kevin Vance
    Cell: (469) 583-2114

    Lee Chapman
    2777 Stemmons Freeway, Suite 935
    Dallas, Texas 75207
    (817) 925-7294

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