Obey The Law! No Speeding Or Burnouts!

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    Obey The Law! No Speeding Or Burnouts!,For your safety.make a sefe journey.


    The town of Plano Where Dallas cars and coffee is held does not appreciate the event / fundraiser or promote the event. I vote we change the location to a City that will appreciate the event and support, promote, encourage, Cars and Coffee. Currently The police set up a trap to pull over anyone who breaks the driving laws no matter how minor the infraction and enforce them with full fines. I pulled onto the highway “after” the posted speed limit and assumed the speedlimit was 55 got up to 57 before slowing down for the red light, unfortunately for me it was only 45 so I was immediately pulled over and given a court date for speeding.
    I for certain will not participate in Cars and Coffee as long as it is held in Plano, as well as letting everyone I meet know about my experience. Plano only supports the tickets that they hand out at your event, not the type of city that you want to support…


    As much as I think burn outs are awesome, public roads are not the place to do it. Lets keep C&C safe which thankfully most folks do. I enjoy attending these events, and I definitely do not want Cars and Coffee canceled


    Well said!!

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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