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    Hello all,
    I just moved here from Nebraska. Unfortunately I had to sell my cars in the move (which probably would have been acceptable to the CnC here).

    Now that I have a garage I’m buying a 928 S4, not exactly exotic, and kind’a the “red-headed step child” of Porsche, but it is near perfect.

    After reading a few posts, it seems you have limited space?? and/or a boat load of people that want to bring their ride to the event, so it seems proper to ask if a model of car is allowed.

    I’ll show up either way, but will leave the 928 behind if I have to park in the “door ding” lot :nonod:
    Happy to be in sunny CA,



    I believe I I found the answer to my question, by reading all of the 8 page post…

    If I show up early and there isn’t half a dozen 928s already there, I will most likely be let in… right?



    I would love to see a pristine 928. But it’s not up to me….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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