New SSR’s & Tuesday Night Fun!

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    Yesterday morning I woke up and got ready for work pretty quickly so that I could take a spin in my Cobra with the new SSR’s I got on them. Well, I got as far as a few miles away from home before I realized that the ABS lights were on and the brakes weren’t working correctly. I was pretty damn pissed off… I took it home and called up Xavier [’98 GT] and I jacked up my Cobra, threw it on some jack stands, and stuck my hand around the back of the rear wheels to see if they were possibly rubbing on the ABS sensor wires. The 11” SSR’s in the rear actually worked their way completely through the damn ABS sensor wires. I couldn’t believe it. Xavier suggested getting the ones off of my Mach 1 since it doesn’t need them anymore so he came over, picked my ass up, and we began our 60 mile journey to Murrieta. We got to Ken’s house and ripped out everything we needed from the Mach 1 and got our butts back to my place at around 5:45pm. We started working on the Cobra and got [VET HNTR] all squared away within 35-40 minutes while Carlos [’03 Cobra], Dave [’99 Cobra], and Aaron [’04 Cobra] all met up with us at my place so that we could all cruise in to the Fuddrucker’s Car Meet together right down the street on El Toro. We all pulled up there after a little playing around on the way and Rob [’08 C6] and Chris [’04 Mach 1] met us there. We hung around for a couple of hours, took some pictures, and decided to all cruise over to Flame Broiler to get some grub and then head to my house for some Tuesday night fun. I decided that since Xavier’s saved my ass on multiple occasions, I’d see if he wanted to drive my Cobra back to get FB and back to my place. He ran Carlos in his Cobra with full-bolt on’s and LT’s a few times on the way and walked him pretty good; maybe by 2 cars and still pulling by the beginning of 4th gear from a roll and by 4 from a dig every time. He also ran Rob in his completely stock ’08 C6 and holy shit, that was a close race! I was extremely impressed with the performance of the LS3. We maybe put a half of a car on his by 3rd gear from a slow roll. We were spinning pretty good, but it was a sick race! Many kudos to Rob in his totally stock C6; I can’t wait until you start modding it, bro. After we get home, my roommate Michael [’03 Viper] and Evan [’03 Cobra] show up and then the mini-party started. We were watching Gone In 60 Seconds, a few people jumped in the jaccuzi, a few people started drinking a little (or a lot; LOL) and we were just having a good time. At around 1:45am, somebody had the idea of doing a Live Oak Canyon run and I laughed. It turns out that everyone (that didn’t drink) wanted to do it and I really wanted to test out the new tires so I said why the hell not!? Me, Aaron, Evan, and Carlos jumped in our cars and piled Rob and Jon-Jon in with us and we went flying threw Live Oak Canyon at 2:00am in the morning. I have to say that it was the very first time that I didn’t see a car on all of Live Oak Canyon besides us. We stopped at the gas station at the end and hung out for a while a snapped some pictures then we were on our way back via Live Oak once again. Awesome little cruise; at a really weird time, but awesome none the less… We made a few stops at a couple good spots for pictures on the way back so that I could get some new shots of my Cobra with the SSR’s on it and then headed back home once again. We got back home at around 3:45am and we somehow managed to put on The Reaping and everyone ended up falling asleep half way through the movie and left at sometime around 5:00am. Crazy damn night, but it was pretty damn cool, I’d have to say. Well, time for the pictures!

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