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    Introducing my new coffee place called Hot Rod Coffee Trailer located at the Farmers Market at 6701 Burnet Road, Austin. I recently opened and serve premium coffee and espresso drinks, plus breakfast tacos, pastries, bagels, and have the big 1/4 lb Nathans hot dogs for lunch. Additionally I serve premium teas and smoothies.

    There is plenty of parking here. How can I become an official meet spot? In the meantime I welcome any in the Austin area to come check me out. I am located in the back of the large parking lot. We are near Anderson off of the 183 Fry.

    My hours are Mon thru Saturday 7 am to 4 pm. However I can open on any given Sunday with advance notice. Currently the only day the Farmers Market is open is Saturday mornings and that is over by noon. Even on market days there is ample parking. However on Sundays we would have the place to ourselves. So if you like hot cars, bikes, coffee, or hot dogs, you are going to love Hot Rod Coffee Trailer. For Sundays call me ahead. 512-516-3113

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