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    My name is Dennis, I live in the south of Sweden and I need to meet some friends that like cars but I dont want to go in to the streetrace crowd and since watching so much youtube and seeing the cars and coffe way of meeting likeminded…..I was thingking of doing something similar here. Anyboy have pointers ideas or knowhow of how this is done?

    Best regards Dennis

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    Jim Longwith

    Greetings, Dennis. What part of Sweden? I spent some time in Gotheburg. Very nice area.

    Some suggestions:

    You will first need to find a place to host Cars & Coffee. Maybe plan to start small and grow larger. A car dealership may offer to host the group. It allows car enthusiast to see their new cars. Need to determine who will supply or sell coffee. You may want to have some police presence at the entrance and exit to deter drivers from getting out of control trying to show off for the crowd. Encourage people not to try to video people leaving…it just encourages drivers to show off more. Then find a way to get the word out. Have fun!


    what club are you talking about?


    It’s a good idea about the club.


    Yes, I would also not mind such a club. I would often go there.


    I’m in process of doing one here in the S/SE part of Houston. Yes. I know there is a very large “Coffee & Cars” club is west Houston that draws up a few thousand of vehicles and guests every month. I want to do on in this part of the Houston area that is done in a different way and use the name of “Cars and Coffee” to have it posted on this site. Also, I work for a very well named auto parts store that is located across almost all of the US. My store builds personal drag race vehicles. Another one turns clients trucks into off road trucks. Also, I work with a big motorcycle shop in my part of the Houston area.

    My questions are #1) where do you usually get insurance from? #2) How much do you charge vendors for spaces at the meet?

    Thank you 🙏

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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