My 1988 Porsche being raffled for charity

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    Hi everyone,

    I know a lot of you in Colorado andhave just moved to Oregon, so I hope to get involved in the Portland Cars andCoffee group. Being a car enthusiast myself, I thought the chance to win thisPorsche 928 might be of interest to everyone. I have donated my Porsche to thisRaffle to raise funds to help stroke victims and their family. My mother has recentlysuffered a stroke, and I now know the affects of such an event on the personand their family.

    The Porsche is a 1988 928 S4 thathas been restored. It is currently in Colorado, so it makes for an easy driveto anywhere in the country.

    Please take a look at the site, theentry is only $10, and you could win a beautifully restored Porsche.

    Also, please send this link out tothose you may feel would be interested.

    Thank you.


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