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    This is posted from another forum I frequent. It’s a pretty cool site and I have hopes it will become useful once the user base becomes larger.

    @m0digital 12003422 wrote:

    Hi Everyone,

    Like many of you, I love to find the best routes to cruise. Which has been my motivation to build It is a community driven social mapping application that brings people who love to drive together to share the best driving routes out there. Mountain Blasting also makes setting up and organizing a driving event a breeze.

    Here are the key features:

    -Allows users to search by geographical location, tags, description, title
    -Vote on the best routes
    -See the routes visually on a map and get driving directions.
    -Post comments and rate routes.
    -Check out the Points of Interests of a route (Pictures, Videos, Road Tips…)

    -Easily create new routes via drag and drop google maps interface. Routes automatically follow routes to make it an absolute breeze.
    -Add Points of Interest to your route (Upload Pics, Videos, Additional Notes, etc all of which can be placed at a specific location along your route)
    -Embed your route anywhere (e.g. on bimmerforums) via simple html.
    -Share your route with everyone or just your friends.

    -Create a driving event for an existing route or for a new route.
    -Specify meeting location and time.
    -Users can comment on events and specify whether they are attending or not.
    -Search for events near you.
    -Embed the event anywhere (e.g. on bimmerforums) to show map, event details, and also number attending via simple html.

    These are the base features that I feel are the most important and so Mountain Blasting will launch with this feature set. I would love to get some feedback on any additional feature requests.

    This is a free service and will always remain free as I have built it for a community of people who same my same interests. will soon be open for private-beta. I would love to have my fellow friends at Bimmerforums to be the first to go for a test-drive. So please checkout the website and if you feel interested, signup for the private-beta. Also please don’t hesitate to spread the word. And also feel free to contact me freely as well.

    I truely appreciate it and thank you for your support. The private-beta is just a couple weeks away!


    Phiberglass, thanks for the intro!

    I would like to officially invite the members of Cars and Coffee to join our private beta.

    Please signup at the following url:

    The invitation code is “carsandcoffee” in the event that the above URL doesn’t prefill it for you.

    I welcome everyones feedback!

    Just a quite note we are having some email communication issues with hotmail and possibly others. If you signed up and have not yet received your activation email, please let me know!

    thanks again!

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