How to Troubleshoot Norton Antivirus Problems?

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    If you are a Norton Antivirus user, there are chances that you might face the server error. If at any point of time you do face this error, it is suggested that you download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. Run the tool after downloading. If the issue error remains unsolved even after this procedure, it is advised that you contact the Norton helpline number. They provide you with the most appropriate methods to deal with your concerns and guarantee that the problem be solved as soon as possible. Their customer care number is also toll free and available 27×7.

    Norton antivirus has a wide range of software, that help you protect from online threats. If you are unable to open your Norton antivirus software or it keeps crashing for no apparent reason. These are the following steps to fix Norton antivirus not opening or crashing to troubleshoot the problem.

    1. First, restart your device in safe mode using F8 button,
    2. Open the Norton official webpage norton setup setup
    3. Update the Norton antivirus software,
    4. Please wait, while software is updating,
    5. Once done, just restart your computer,
    6. Now run a complete scan of the system.

    If you’re still Norton Antivirus Software not opening or responding then you should call Norton support Number immediately to get in touch with Norton Customer Service.

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