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    Are you experiencing issues while using AOL Desktop Gold? Or your AOL Software is not functioning properly? If your answer is yes, then there might be something wrong with your AOL software. AOL Desktop Gold Reinstallcan help you to fix the problem. Now, the question that how to reinstall the AOL Desktop Gold might strike in your mind. Below, we are sharing some simple guidelines for the AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall. The AOL re-installation is very important, if you want to fix the bugs and errors that are creating performance and technical glitches in the AOL software.

    How can I reinstall my AOL Gold software?

    The process is very simple. You have to uninstall the current version of AOL software from the Desktop and after that, you can reinstall the latest version of AOL Desktop Gold.
    Steps to uninstall the AOL Desktop Gold:
    Click the ‘Start’ menu and go to the ‘Control Panel’.
    Click on ‘Add or Remove’ programs or ‘Uninstall Program’ option.
    Select ‘AOL Software’ from the list.
    Click on ‘Remove/Uninstall’ to uninstall the AOL software.
    Uninstall the program.

    By following the above-mentioned steps you will able to uninstall the AOL Software successfully. Now, you need to proceed further for AOL Gold Download or Reinstall.
    Following are the steps to reinstall the AOL software:

    Visit the AOL official website and download the latest AOL Desktop Gold software.
    From the download section, open the downloaded file to Reinstall AOL Gold Desktop For Windows 10.
    Double click on the AOL Desktop Gold icon and the security window will appear on the screen.
    Tap to run.
    Click on Install.
    Click on Yes and follow the onscreen instructions to install the AOL software.

    Once you have successfully completed the re-installation process, you are all set to use the AOL software without any trouble. The most important thing to consider to reinstall AOL gold for windows 10 is to check the software version you have uninstalled. Also, there are many fake AOL Desktop Gold download links available online, so be careful. Always prefer to install the AOL Gold from its official website. And, if still you have a concern, contact the AOL experts for help.

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