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    The world has grown and developed over the decades and so as the technology and the different modes of communication has also been developed and found better and better way for business as well as personal communications. People have always preferred written communication over voice communication as it gives very clear message and congestion free communications. Previously the written communication were stick to writing letter only but later with the growing and developing world the written communications that were letters earlier were replaced by emails. Emails have conquered more than 95% of the world’s population who prefer to communicate over emails. Specially, when it comes to business communication people prefer mails only.

    From the pool of email service provider one of the very famous and popular email service provider is AOL telecommunication services which has attracted plenty of crowd from the globe with their amazing email services. People are seeking email service provider so that they can enjoy the convenience of communicating over mails. Users can create their AOL email account by going onto the AOL webpage and then click on the sign up option mentioned there. After that, the users can continue with the sign up process and go further with the completion of the sign up process and get their new login credentials. Once the users are done with their creation of email account with the AOL email services, they can login into their email account and can easily have the access to the features of the AOL email account. But when the user faces any issue with the sending and receiving of the emails in the AOL email account then the user is pissed off and needs the resolution immediately.

    For the troubleshooting of the sending and receiving emails problems with the AOL email account, here are mentioned some troubleshooting steps:-

    The user can check with the TCP/IP connection that may be the major issue in the sending and receiving mails error. Internet connection is the primary requirement for the usage of email services and for sending and receiving mails too it is required. So, the user needs to ensure the properly working internet connection for smooth sending and receiving of mails from the AOL email account of the user.
    The second issue could be if the user’s email ID is identified as a spam email ID at the receiving email ID so the user needs to check with the receiver email service provider for this issue.
    Next issue could be if the user is receiving any email and that email is directly going into the spam folder of the user’s AOL email account. So, if the user is not getting mail in the inbox they can check in the spam folder for those emails and they can also contact the customer services of the email service provider which may help them with the deletion of the email ID from their spam emails list and after this, the user can get the mails directly into their Inbox.
    After following steps given above in blog now you are able to fix problems of sending or receiving AOL mails, Stills you have problems of access AOL mails Call now on AOL Customer Support Number 1-888-572-7379…

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