How to Fix ATT Email Not Working?

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    Users of ATT email often come across the issue of their email not working. There are several reasons because of which the users would have to encounter this issue. To solve this, malfunction users can take up the below-given steps:
     When the user faces the problem of their ATT email not working, they can then choose to recover their account using an alternate email address or mobile number.
     The users might be facing this issue because of a problem with their browser. When the web browser that the users are using is outdated. When in such a situation, users can choose to clear the cache, cookies, and browser history.
     There is also a high possibility that the user might be facing this issue because their system is infected with a malware or virus. If this is the case, the user would have to run a complete antivirus scan on their system.
    If these steps do not help resolve the issue, then the user can connect with ATT customer support number.
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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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