How to fix ACCPAC Sage 300 Error 49153

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    Error 49153 is usually accompanied by a message that there is a problem connecting to the database. You can follow the steps mentioned below to fix Error 49153 and continue using Sage 300:
    • Step 1: Open Sage and check if the SQL Server is running.
    • Step 2: Ensure the TCPIP Static port is set correctly.
    • Step 3: Make sure the TCP Dynamic Ports are blank.
    • Step 4: Set the SQL Server instance to use the correct port.
    • Step 5: Edit your firewall setting to allow incoming traffic to the TCPIP port.
    If the steps mentioned above do not resolve the Sage 300 error, you can call the Sage phone number and speak to a software expert to troubleshoot the database issue.

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