How to Embed YouTube or Google Videos in Posts

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    Here is the code example on how to embed a YouTube or Google Video directly into the post. First click on the ‘YouTube’ or ‘Google’ icon in the editor, and then fill in the appropriate details. Any of the examples below will work minus the spaces in the BB Code.

    [YOU TUBE]QpLqCxa4ee0[/YOU TUBE]
    [YOU TUBE=”″%5DAC Cobra Crash[/YOU TUBE]
    [YOU TUBE=”QpLqCxa4ee0″]AC Cobra Crash[/YOU TUBE]

    [youtube=”QpLqCxa4ee0″]AC Cobra Crash[/youtube]


    Just make sure there is no space between YOU and TUBE.

    sideache;143 wrote:
    Just make sure there is no space between YOU and TUBE.

    That is correct. Clicking on the ‘YouTube’ or ‘Google’ icons in the editor will give you the correct code without the spaces. The above example is simply to show you how you can paste the whole URL, the video ID, or also how you can add a title to the video window. If I had done it without the spaces it would have shown the video and not the code.

    Walter D. Smith

    I have the video installed on my assignment service website. I have even set a thumbnail as an included picture! In any case, on my blog page it indicates both the thumbnail and the video when I simply need the included picture to appear on the ‘recent posts’ bit. how would I perform that?


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