How To Delete AOL Account?

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    You can’t delete your email account without closing the entire AOL account, which means losing access to all AOL services, including AIM instant messenger. Furthermore, your emails and address book are deleted permanently after 90 days; you can’t recover the account after 90 days. You can reactivate AOL and get the address book back if you log in using your AOL username and password

    Step 1 : Visit the AOL My Account page. Point your browser to This will load the sign in page.

    Step 2: Sign in with your AOL username and password. You’ll need to log in with you AOL account before you can make any changes to your subscriptions.
    If you don’t know your AOL login information, click “Forgot password?” Enter in your AOL user name or the email address associated with your account, and fill out the CAPTCHA. You’ll receive an email at your associated address with a link to reset your password.
    If you don’t have access to the email address you used to register, you’ll need to use that email service’s account recovery services.
    If you don’t have an email address associated with your account, you won’t be able to reset your password.
    Step 3: Click the “Manage My Subscriptions” link. You can find this in the tabs above all those mysterious links to your account options near the top of the page but below the graphical banner stating the section of the page that you are currently on (My Account).

    Step 4: Wait while your subscriptions load. It may take up to a minute for your subscriptions to load on the page.

    Step 5: Click the “X Cancel” button underneath the subscription you want to cancel. This will open a new page detailing the services you are canceling.

    Step 6: Select a reason from the drop-down menu. AOL asks that you select a reason for your cancellation. Select the most applicable one, or choose “Other reason.” Any reason you pick will have no bearing on the cancellation process, but you must pick one to continue.

    Step 7: Click “Cancel AOL” or “Cancel Billing.” You’ll receive a message that your subscription AOL services have been canceled.
    If you were paying for AOL, you’ll be able to access your services all the way until the end of your billing cycle. Once your account hits the billing date, you will lose access to your AOL services.
    Reactivate AOL Account
    Reactivate your account if necessary. AOL warns that free accounts will likely be deleted and irretrievable, but also say that you can try to recover a deactivated account by signing in with your old account information. You may not be able to retrieve your deactivated account, or all of your messages may be deleted.

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