How can i recover my old Facebook account?

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    A Quick Guide On How To Get Access To Your Own Old Facebook Account

    If you have been looking to recover an old Facebook account of your s then you have reached the right article. In this article, you are going to learn about the basic steps to Facebook account recovery. However, there are various things that you need to remember to get back your account such as follows:

    • Username of your FB account

    • Phone number or email address linked to your account

    • Photo ID

    • Trusted Friends

    The aforementioned ones are the most common recovery method used to get back an FB account. However, when it comes to an old account then most importantly you’ll need to know the username or phone number linked to that account of yours. Hence, keep reading this article and know the steps to recover your Facebook account.

    Steps To Recover An Old Facebook Account

    First let’s start with the steps to find the account.

    · Navigate to the official sign-in page of Facebook in your web browser

    · Click on the “Forgot Account?” link below the password field

    · Next, you’ll see the find your account page where you’ll need to enter a relevant detail for your lost FB account

    · Click on the Search button and then continue with its password recovery method.

    Steps To Recover FB Account Password

    · Now that you have found your account click on the “This is my Account’ button

    · Next, you’ll be redirected to the reset password page where you will have to select the recovery method to get the verification code via email

    · Get the code and then access the email account to copy it

    · Enter the copied code in the given field and then click on the continue button

    · Now, simply enter a new password and then click on the continue button

    Furthermore, you can also opt for the phone number or other recovery options to get the code. You can also get professional assistance from technical support on Facebook account recovery.

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