Easy Steps to Fix AOL Mail Not Currently Available

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    Whenever somebody gets this AOL mail presently not available error message. the primary thought they get in their mind is, AOL server is down.

    This easy way access had made the life of people easier until few months back when people started complaining about some kind of issues. Now, people are engaged with a new issue. Every time when they visit AOL mail site, they receive AOL mail not currently available error message.
    So, whenever the user receives such error message, the very first thought comes in their mind is a server issue. Well, this can be accepted the reason for this issue till it short time span. But, if this issue persists from longer time, then indication is towards computer and network.
    So, if you are also one of the victims for AOL mail not working, try to go through this article and follow the instruction to quick fix your problem:

    Best Steps to Recover AOL Mail Verify your Server Status

    As discussed above, the very first cause can be due to AOL Server setting. So the very first step would be checking server status first.

    If your server is down, then you will have to wait for a while. Once the server starts working fine, your problem will automatically be resolved. But, if in case, the server is fine and still you are receiving ‘AOL mail not currently Available’ then you may follow the below-given instructions.
    Check DNS Server
    At times, user is going through AOL mail not working is just because of DNS server. You might be thinking what DNS server is. Isn’t? So let me tell you, DNS server converts the name into IP address. The ISP can compile the query and you will directly get connected to AOL server.

    In this situation, we would recommend to change the DNS server address. Try to make the new address like: (primary address) (secondary address)
    And, after changing the server reboot your system and then navigate to AOL website again.
    Security IssueUsually, people face this issue may be because of the wrong email address due to which it also shows AOL sign in failed. So, according to us, you should disable the security from your computer for a little duration and then again try to log in your AOL mail again. We assure that you email will start working.
    Reject third party extensionNow let me make you aware that AOL mail is strict in its privacy and it backslides its performance if there is any third party available. The logic behind this is interrupts to the server. So try to remove any third party application that will reduce AOL mail problem.
    Clean You’re BrowserYou need to retain your browser to normal functioning. Go and delete the cache, cookies, history and trashes and bring the browser to the original state. This will improve the performance of the browser.
    Helpdesk centerHowever, if you get frustrated by applying all the tricks and failing need not lose hope. Get connected with technician team and get expert advice via AOL Customer service Number. This may help you get a permanent solution. The service is accessible all round the clock with spontaneous results. If you are also coming across AOL mail not currently available issue, immediately share it with the AOL technical team. You may soon redeem AOL service in working state.
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