Driving Event, El Toro/Great Park

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    Hello Everyone;

    Orange County Race Craft is offering an advanced 2-day driving event at the Great Park, formerly El Toro UMSCAS July 17 and 18.

    This is conducted by industry leaders in training, the best from the racing schools and pro auto industry training, period. Open to all skill levels and vehicles.

    Why spend your time and money hoping for a safe day, and putting up with endless lead and follows and close calls? This is the answer to the lack of truely skilled instruction of current times.

    See us at C&C, just left of the lot entrance. Come and ask questions, and be ready to drive!
    -Jeff Bodnardrivesmile


    I think that bringing track-days to OC is great.

    I go on irregular ones at Willow and prefer the Streets circuit to the big track.

    But after browsing your site I figure that it is aimed at a much different client to me.

    I drive a MINI Cooper S, this is a fine track day car and generally I budget a couple of hundred a month for a fun day at Willow, plus the gas to get there.

    A $1000 two-day extravaganza is way beyond my budget.

    Organize a simple $150 day with free water and I am all over it. Even if I only get 4 sessions all day – it is worth it.

    Hell, organize a $250 day with part-time instruction and free water and I am there.

    But I have no interest on dropping $1000 or more on an event, however good it is…..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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