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    It is amazing that people still believe that they have a right to do a burn out at Cars and Coffee.

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    @SVT2888 67665 wrote:

    This thread is meant for EVERYONE to post in. So if you yourself see someone and have a picture. POST IT UP! I am only one person and can only catch so many. I only post the ones I catch.

    But still doesn’t matter how many people are there to “egg you on” there is NO excuse for it. That type of behavior keeps getting the event in danger of being cancelled. The only way to keep people off those sidewalks at the exit would be to hire MORE cops. This would mean that they would need to either start having vendors which would take away display space or start charging. As is the cops that are out there are payed for by John and Linda out of their pocket. They don’t make enough selling the coffee to pay fully for the cops.

    If you see my douche of the day post and douche of the day section on the site you’ll notice that I don’t discriminate. 😉 Douches drive all types of things.

    I agree 🙂 Look forward to more posts on this thread..

    On a sidenote thanks to those who put the event together…!!


    First off let me say that I have met you SVT and you are a talented photog. I have several cars and motorcycles that I have displayed and you have taken pictures of them. I think you are a good guy but IMO this campaign of you “outing” people for what ever “crimes” you believe they have committed is really misguided. I’m a gay male car/motorcycle nut and believe me I have had my share of “outings” in my life. I understand what you are trying to accomplish by your post but it really is the wrong way to do it. How do I know? Well as you can see you don’t really have many supporters backing you up on the thread. There must be hundreds of enthusiast who attend the event (and read this forum) and I really don’t see them jumping on here in your defense or support. Mostly you have people angry with you for posting pictures of them or their friends.

    I understand their actions are immature and jeopardize the event. You taking their pictures and publicly humiliating them is just as immature. I want to take pics of every cell phone user driving I catch out there and post their pictures and their license plates on a the web! I have a good friend who was killed in an accident involving cell phone use. Why am I not starting a campaign against them? Because it’s not my job or responsibility. I can help create awareness but enforcing the law is the police’s job. Why don’t you let John and Linda enforce the laws of the event since they have the police at their disposal. I thought they had the power to ban offenders? Why don’t you privately provide them w/ pics and license plates of the offenders and let them handle it? Did they ask you to do start the douche bag campaign? I don’t think so. I’m not trying to attack you or “troll” you. I’m just hoping you can see that your actions and responses on here are considered by everyone i have spoken to as “trolly” too. I hope you continue the good work you do and not let your dislike of occasional hooligans at the event make you bitter. Life is too short and there are too many more nice machines to photograph. Peace.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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