Does CC still exist??

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    Hey guys,

    I know this may sound weird but I just wanted to double check if CC still exists and is currently at the location specified on the map in this site.

    Reason I ask is because I went a few times in 06, time flies by and now i want to go again and just found out its been kicked around from location to location.

    Im planning to go this saturday but its still happening right? haha 🙂

    Also, I would like to put my car into the show… is there any fees or registration to do so? Or do I just show up a bit before 7am and I can just park in there like back in Crystal Cove?

    Any input to update myself is greatly appreciated.


    Thats fantastic news! Is there still a good turn out now adays? I figured when I used to go it avgs about 60 cars on display or so. And is there still a coffee shop nearby in this irvine location?

    Is it still free to display your car?


    There is a much better turn out than before. The event has grown tremendously. The lot we are in now has a lot more room. If we pack the cars in we get 500 cars in the lot…and on busy weeks…especially when there is a featured marque like on the 29th of this month..we often turn latecomers away because there are no more spaces.

    Coffee is served at the event by the nice people from the Ford cafe.

    It is free to display your cars….all are welcome. Just show up early!

    See you there!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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