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    We had a bit of a ‘crowd control’ issue this week.

    A lot of people were sitting on the curb in the ‘prohibited’ area over the street.

    The area is roped off because that it is the area that cars are likely to impact the curb/grass/hedge if/when they leave a little sideways.

    Sitting on the curb is a surefire way to lose your feet or legs or life. Sitting on the curb in front of the roped off area is beyond stupid. Maybe it is Darwinian, but I would rather the event was able to continue without death and dismemberment of idiots.

    Once the cops moved to the middle of the street this week the stupid exits stopped and then many people moved. Which was not only self defeating but seemingly showed that the main reason that people were sitting there was to be killed by an out-of-control Mustang.

    it is important that we, the spectators, follow the rules else the event will be shut down.

    Please obey the wishes of the organizers, no burnouts, no sideways exits, no showboating, no sitting/standing in the prohibited areas and no sitting on curbs.

    It is not your safety that I care about, but the safety of the event 🙂


    Excellent post!! I agree completely.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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