Couple Questions (Newbie here)

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    Zs V

    Hi! I’m new to both the Cars and Coffee Forum and Cars and Coffee in general. My dad and I will be attending our first event this week (9/3/11). I have a couple questions to ask.

    Is there any theme for this week? Make? Era? Whatever. My dad and I just don’t want to go to our first event and find that it was ricer fest (thumbsdown) this week or something.

    Is there anywhere on the Cars and Coffee website where I can find out if there’s a theme? Or is it just posted by admins in the forum if there is one?

    My dad and I will probably show up around 6:45. Is this a decent time to show up? We don’t plan on putting the Mini Countryman we’ll be arriving in to show. We’ll just be there to admire.

    Any other common knowledge I should know?

    Where do we park? I read there’s a parking lot for guests/non-show cars. It’s close to the main attraction right?

    Are there any other drinks there besides coffee? My dad and I don’t drink coffee.

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