Cone Etiquette, Respect other People’s Property

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    A minor incident this morning, 10 May 2014. A participant who disagrees with Solomon allowing cones at his weekly C&C events decided to move without asking, then kick another clubs cones out of a couple spaces he wanted. He then proceeded to yell at the owner of the cones for several minutes. The bottom line is cones are allowed at LV C&C and if you don’t like them, then get there early enough to get the spaces you want. Under no circumstances should anyone be moving or touching someone else’s property including cones, chairs, or vehicles without the owner’s permissions. If you think someone’s cones or other property should be removed from a space, talk to Solomon and get it straightened out. There’s no reason to scream at another exhibitor because you don’t like one of the rules. Respect other people’s property.

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