Charlotte Cars and Coffee- Update / Feb 2016 Event! Temp Location

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    Saturday, February 6th 2015
    Cars and Coffee Charlotte Temporary Location

    Special Thanks To Our Hosts:
    Maserati Charlotte / Scott Jaguar
    416 Tyvola Road, Charlotte NC 28217

    Hello All,

    We have done it! We have found a new location for Cars and Coffee Charlotte. Unfortunately the final insurance and paper work will not be completed before this Saturdays’ event. I have one more hurdle to overcome with the property management before we can reveal the location. I think that everyone will be very pleased with the location and the amenities that surround the property. This site will allow us to continue in the tradition in which we have become accustom to in the last seven years of celebrating all things mechanical here in Charlotte.

    Many of you have been patiently waiting for an update and I appreciate that! I have not broadcast the interworking the last few weeks because there have been several changes and variations that would have caused much confusion. I am very grateful for all of the calls texts, and written emails offering suggestions and your assistance with the relocation progress. As you can imagine it has been a detailed process to find the location that we will call our next home. Size, location, facility access, security, and liability coverage have all been part of the delay. Solving all of these issues has been difficult but is a must to have a continued successful event.

    To keep the event going even in a temporary, state the owners and management of both Maserati Charlotte and Scott Jaguar have graciously offered up their property again to host February’s C&C event to keep the event alive! They have learned a lot from our last event there and they are going to clear out the entire Jaguar lot to accommodate more of our vehicles. Please be patient as we use this property one last time and thank our host for their effort in keeping this going.

    The event will take place Saturday, February 6th @ Maserati Charlotte/Scott Jaguar- 416 Tyvola Road, the space is surprisingly large and the staff will make concessions to move some of their inventory aside for us to gather. Bring family and friends and let us ring in the New Year of a continued Charlotte tradition. Saturday should be clear but cool so come out and enjoy!

    I am very grateful to Peter Nikovovich of Automotive International and both Bob Pletcher and Cyrus Klaesi of Maserati Charlotte for their help and support of keeping the great event going.


    Regretfully I missed this one this month. Any word on the March 5th location?


    Any word on March location?

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