Charlotte Cars and Coffee Temporary Location@ FCI Sat, March 5th

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    Saturday, March 5th 2015
    Cars and Coffee Charlotte Temporary Location

    Special Thanks To Our Hosts:
    Maserati Charlotte / Scott Jaguar
    416 Tyvola Road, Charlotte NC 28217

    Hello All,

    Thank you to all that have reached out to check on the progress of the new site location. Unfortunately we will not have it ready by this Saturday’s event. I know this is really dragging on but it is a lot harder than you might think and I want to insure that we do it correctly so that we are not having to do this again very soon. The insurance policy is in place, the security is secure and the logistics of the property is set with one small hurdle left to clear. A very generous local business person and property owner has given his blessing to allow us to use a prime location that has over 200,000 sq ft of parking. The only caveat which is a technicality is that the current tenant of the property signs off on it and says “OK”. The tenant has taken this opportunity to leverage a few things for the property that they requested be done prior to giving us the green light. By dragging their feet they hope to get a few more things but this leaves us (as of this afternoon, no answer) little time to prepare and to get the word out. I have been asking for the past month almost daily for an OK but they are dragging their feet to insure that they get everything they asked for. The request are not a big deal but they take time to fabricate signage and order parts, time that we don’t have if we are trying to host the event this Saturday.

    Many of you have been patiently waiting for an update and I appreciate that! If you can bear with me one more month we will get through this. Our recent temporary host Maserati Charlotte and Scott Jaguar have graciously offered up their property again to host March’s C&C event to keep the event alive! They have learned a lot from our last few events there and they are going to clear out the entire Jaguar lot to accommodate more of our vehicles. They also have make special previsions for those that for additional parking along with staff to direct traffic to accommodate as many as possible. Please be patient as we use this property one last time and thank our host for their effort in keeping this going.

    The event will take place Saturday, March 5th @ Maserati Charlotte/Scott Jaguar- 416 Tyvola Road, the staff will make concessions to move some of their inventory aside for us to gather. Bring family and friends and let us continue a Charlotte tradition. Saturday should be clear but cool in the morning so come out and enjoy!

    I am very grateful to Peter Nikovovich of Automotive International and both Bob Pletcher and Cyrus Klaesi of Maserati Charlotte for their help and support of keeping the great event going.

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