Charlotte Area- Cars and Coffee @ the NC Music Factory- Sat Dec 6th! 2014

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    Charlotte Area- Cars and Coffee at the NC Music Factory- Sat Dec 6th!

    Charlotte Area Cars and Coffee – Uptown Charlotte

    Mattie’s Diner / NC Music Factory Uptown Village-Main Lot
    1000 NC Music Factory Blvd, Charlotte NC 28206

    Saturday Dec 6th, 2014

    7:30am until!

    ***2014 Commemorative Cars and Coffee T-Shirts are on sale! $20 each and all proceeds go to pay for our Sheriff Deputies! ***

    It is hard to believe but here we are in Dec of 2014 and we are closing out our 7th in existence! We continue to grow and gain a reputation for a fun family outing and a place where like minded individuals can get their car fix each month. It has been another wonderful year of exciting vehicles and fast friends. I want to thank each and every one of you for your contributions for showing up and keeping such a great event going strong. We want to continue this streak and we believe a big factor has been the addition of our off duty Sheriff’s Deputies that are helping keep all of us safe. As you can imagine this type of security does not come cheap. In the past we have had gracious benefactors in the from of Foreign Cars International, NC Music Factory, Mattie’s Diner and Automotive International that have really stepped up to support us, but I envision going forward being self supportive.

    We have commissioned a commemorative T-Shirt to be made to showcase the Charlotte Area Cars and Coffee to be sold and all proceeds go to pay for the Sheriff’s Duties going forward. I made a limited run of shirts that will sell for $20 each. We will be located behind Mattie’s to sell the shirts, will have a Square device to take credit cards and debit cards this time! I greatly appreciate those that have purchased a T-Shirt or given a donation every little bit helps, but we are well shy of our goal of being self funded and I have a hell of a lot of t-shirts lefts!!! if a T-Shirt does not fit your needs a donation would be appreciated to keep our great event going and to keep it safe. The shirts were make by a local graphic artist, Billy Stephens and the colors are suppose to mimic the “Return of the Buzz” city theme that is sweeping over Charlotte. I hope you enjoy them as well as pick one up for yourself or a gift for a friend or family member. Remember the proceeds go to keep our event in tact and safe! I will only be there for a limited time in the morning, leaving around 8:30, but I will be back in November. We will have a Square payment for those the have a card only but for now CASH is king!

    Just to restate the rules for those that may have missed it or those that just need a reminder.

    Here are the rules:

    -Absolutely no burnouts or horse play in the lot or the roads out front. It is irresponsible and safety is a huge concern for us. This is a one strike rule!. Violators will be asked not to return and the mater will be turned over to the CMPD/Sheriff’s Dept.
    -The Uptown division of the Mecklenburg police department is well aware of our event and will patrol the area. Speeding and unlawful behavior will not be tolerated on the public road out front or on the NC Music Factory’s property. 911 will be called if antics prevail and the CMPD will respond!

    -No vendors will be allowed to set up tables, booths or tents. As before you can hand out fliers if you wish but no signage or structures allowed.
    -Trailers, box trucks and haulers will be asked to use lot #2 for parking, spaces are at a premium and these vehicles take up too much space and maneuvering them around is too high a risk for accidents.
    -We need to leave the facilities better than we find them on each visit. NC Music Factory is letting us use this facility free of charge so we need to respect it, there are trash cans throughout the property please do not litter.
    -Parking nearest to the Diner is reserved for regular restaurant patrons. We have the other 662 spaces!


    -there will be uniformed officers stationed at two points on the property, with one being in the turn lane of the frontage road. We hope this will deter any burnouts, rapid rates of speed and general idiotic moves leaving the parking lot.
    -We are asking the bystanders that stand in front of the dinner to disperse, if those leaving don’t have an audience of on lookers and video cameras it will greatly decrease the incidents that are possible. There is plenty of room in the parking look to take pictures and see the cars up close.
    -Removing the on lookers at the entrance also will reduce the chances of anyone getting hurt by a vehicle that looses control.

    Hope for great weather and see you Saturday!


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