Charlotte Area Cars and Coffee – *Postponed* until Sept 8th NC Music Factory Uptown

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    POSTPONED UNTIL SEPT 8th (2nd weekend of the month)

    Charlotte Area Cars and Coffee – Uptown Charlotte

    Mattie’s Diner / NC Music Factory Uptown Village-Main Lot
    1000 NC Music Factory Blvd, Charlotte NC 28206

    Saturday Sept 8th, 2012

    7:30am until!
    1st Saturday of every month!(weather permitting- rain date the 2nd Sat)

    Charlotte Area Cars and Coffee will be postponed the 1st Saturday of September due to our fair city hosting the Democratic National Convention. The NC Music Factory Village Campus and Parking Lot are being sequestered for the entire week of the DNC for events and parking. The Uptown area will not be in any shape to host us so we are going to take the alternative date and have our gathering on Sept 8th! I have heard from many of you that you are vacating town either because of the DNC or you are taking your last trip of the summer with Labor Day. Spread the word of the change and we will see you all the next week!

    Mattie’s Diner was trilled to have us and welcome us back. They would ask that the parking spaces adjacent to the Diner in front and beside be reserved for some of Mattie’s regular customers. Many drove up thinking that it was a private event and took off. Also please bare with the bathroom situation, the diner is small but will try to accommodate us the best that they can. If we need to there will be alternatives across the street at the Music Factory.

    Many asked me if it was possible to reserve spaces for like makes and models and I would leave that up to the ‘early bird get the worms’. You can organize as you see fit with particular makes and models, but as far as roping off before hand that is a bit hard due to the unknown size of a group or location desired. I would suggest that if you have a group that wants to park together that you designate a meet up spot close to the Music factory and ride in together, with 700+ spaces you should not have an issue. Last month it sort of fell together as such without much planning.

    Mattie’s Diner is a fantastic old school eatery that is located at the front of the property. Matt has made some slight changes to accommodate the size of our crowd so bare with them as they learn our needs. There will be coffee as expected, carry out baked items and sit down full breakfasts if you desire, the space is cozy so be prepared. The owner of NC Music Factory has graciously offered the use of this property and in order to respect the jester we need to do our part. Below are a few bylaws we have to follow in order to continue to use the facility. If we ware out our welcome here we are pretty much without options! I can not begin to tell you how much of a challenge it has been to relocate and find a new car friendly location!

    Here are the very simple rules:

    Absolutely no burnouts or horse play in the lot or the roads out front. It is irresponsible and safety is a huge concern for us. We trust your car is fast and you have unbelievable skills, there is no need to show us!

    No vendors will be allowed to set up tables, booths or tents. As before you can hand out fliers if you wish but no signage or structures allowed.

    The Uptown division of the Mecklenburg police department are well aware of our event and will patrol the area. Speeding and unlawful behavior will not be tolerated.

    We need to leave the facilities better than we find them on each visit. NC Music Factory is letting us use this facility free of charge so we need to respect it There are trash cans throughout the property please do please do not litter.

    Parking nearest to the Diner is reserved for regular restaurant patrons. We have the other 662 spaces!

    That’s it for now, very simple. Sometimes you don’t know how good you have something until it is gone. I miss getting my monthly fix of beautiful machines and wonderful car crazy individuals. The weather looks great so far for Saturday morning, tell your friends, family, co- workers and neighbors to come out and enjoy. Looking forward to enjoying our wonderful new home for Charlotte cars and Coffee.

    See you Saturday



    Just a friendly reminder, due to the DNC in Charlotte and the NC Music Factory’s lot being taken over for uptown parking our Cars and Coffee gathering has been pushed to Saturday Sept 8th! Please spread the word I know that now that is is a staple in the community there are some that do not check the web so please tell all that you know regularly attend or are thinking of.

    thanks again,


    DFW Sky

    Thanks Michael! We appreciate all of the warning and your hard work. We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.


    You are very welcome. See everyone tomorrow!


    Hey all, I know I’m new to the forum but I’ve been to C&C once. I want to try something new, if any of you are interested. Here’s what you need:

    Smartphone w/camera
    Google+ App
    Love for cars and taking photos

    It’s simple, the link below is the event page on Google+ for tomorrow morning’s event. When the event starts (7:30AM), it goes into “Party Mode”). This means you can instantly upload photos of the cars you see to the event page, and others invited to the event get to see your awesome pictures!

    Want to take pics of your car?
    How about your buddy’s car?
    See an awesome car you want to let everyone know is there?
    This is a new feature of Google+ that I’d really like to explore on. I will be at the even tomorrow doing the same, taking pictures (w/ my dSLR, too 😉 ) and upload them in real-time so that everyone can see them! I know it’s short notice on the invite, but I was curious to see who would all try it out.

    I’m in no way affiliated with Google, nor is this an advertisement, spam, or costing you anything. This is simply a way to share with other people out there what cool cars Charlotte and the surrounding areas have to offer! Here is the link:

    Hope to see everyone at the meet tomorrow, and take some awesome pictures!

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