change in show start date….very important change-april 10th

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    Okay everybody, call us crazy but everbody is itching to get started with the new shows so we are going to kick off the season with the date of April 10th-which is one week earlier than we had originally planned. We are going to have crusin Dave productions there to DJ the show. In addition, we are working with several restuarants and shops in the mall to provide some discounted items from there stores or freebees. We wont know how successful this will be until we get close to the date…Oh yeah the start date will be subject to the wheather gods as to how succesful we will be starting this early.So please get the word out to your friends who may not be monitering the site. I will be contacting the people who were on our lists from last year.I will be uddating the site weekly now so if you have questions or want to contact me please do so.
    Look forward to seeing you all again this year.

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