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    David Watson

    Keeping a strong password for your AOL mail account protects it from unauthorized access as well as prying eyes of the cybercriminals. Therefore, it is always advised that if you find any suspicious activity while using the AOL mail, then change its password immediately. To change AOL password, go to Account Settings, open the Profile section, and click Change Password.

    You will be asked to enter the current password. Enter the same and then type the new password twice. Type the captcha code carefully, if required. Log in to your AOL mail again with the new password. To maintain the security of your account, make sure you don’t share your password with anyone.

    At any time, if you forget this password, then you have no option left than resetting it. For reset AOL password process, click Trouble Signing In link on the AOL mail login password page. Follow the onscreen instructions, and you will be able to set a new password for your account. Enjoy emailing!

    AOL password reset

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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