Cars and Coffee – videos 9/10

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    Cars and Coffee, I was late at 7:15am, the rain didn’t help either…
    then we went to the LA county auction for the BMW bike, saw Mark, Matt and Ben working there, that was fun…
    then, got some pastry and had lunch at Indian place, lunch was outstanding!!!
    then, went to Toys R Us, wrap the present for Laura and stay a bit at Julio’s eating great food…
    then, Angels vs Yankees game…
    then, we had late dinner at a Mexican Place, it was very good as well…

    Sunday: MTB ride, we did Dripping Cave, Coyote, Cholla, Linx, Cholla, Rock it, Coyote
    lunch and TLCA meeting… no pics of Sunday events 🙁

    Cars and Coffee

    Cars and Coffee and Angels vs Yankees baseball game.

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