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    Please open up a new theard in Cars and Coffee International whit name:,, Cars and Coffee Germany”.
    Cincerly Thomas Dahm


    Organizational meeting 22.01.2012 6pm
    Lübeck, Taschenmacherstrasse 1
    Watching out for a new eventlocation in 2012


    I wish u all the best for you project!!

    Here in Italy we are almost ready for the first gathering that is going to be in the end of march.
    I’m only waiting an answer from Brent and i hope that is possible to use the name of Cars and Coffee Italy (Torino) for this fantastic project! We spoke with the Ferrari Red Passion Club and they are going to come for sure with a lot of nice cars (F40, Enzo, 599, 430, 458, FF..)


    Thank you so much .
    I`m also waiting for news from Brent, Roberto Nesta Cosío from Spain too.We both are on Facebook,my facebook-username is:Classiccars Stormarn .(There is an Album named Classiccars Stormarn in here.)
    Please hold contact, tell me the date of your gathering ,tell me if you got the permission to use the name “Cars and Coffee” ,take a lot of pics and load them up .

    Good luck from Germany for your event


    Hi guys,
    Good luck in your process.
    Did you check out the C&C Paris photographs ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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