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    …Search for the “Cars and Coffee Charlotte” group on LinkedIn.

    As an automotive enthusiast (“car guy”) from way back, I was ecstatic to learn about Cars and Coffee a few years after moving to Charlotte. I’ve been a regular attendee since about the spring of 2009 and have met some really cool people who love to talk cars. That’s 99% of the reason I still go.

    Further conversation with other “regulars” revealed that many of my new acquaintances were talented, influential, connected professionals of a stature far above that of my usual crowd (and you know who you are). Interesting bit of trivia, yes, but I was still just there to admire the machinery and learn as much as I could from the other enthusiasts.

    When the bottom fell out in 2009, I recalled that bit of trivia and became interested in reaching out to those old acquaintances for advice and, perhaps, connections. I’ve also wished I could help bring specific individuals together, either for automotive, business, or personal purposes.

    LinkedIn stresses links between individuals with real reasons to be connected: coworkers, schoolmates, and shared group memberships. By creating a group focused on Cars and Coffee Charlotte, I hope to be able to facilitate those connections. Michael Christian, the owner of the event, graciously allowed me to set this up.

    I hope it will turn into a useful mechanism for people to reach out to those they met at an event (“Looking for the really nice guy who owns that 1958 Volvo…”) to turn a brief Saturday chat into something more (“…because I’d really like to buy one of your beautiful hand-made walnut shift knobs!”).

    But this will be a member-driven group. Please post other events (“The Ferrari Club of Charlotte is hosting a concourse next Saturday…”) and articles of interest (“Continental Tire to build a plant in…”), promote the group to other attendees of the event (the more members, the more likely you’ll find who you’re looking for), and accept invitations to connect from other members of this group.

    Enjoy. Use. Share.

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